Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Wanna look gorgeous on your Wedding day, Visit us at Desire’s Salon, coz its always been a dream of every girl to look the most beautiful women on her D-day and to get that look we suggest you take an appointment with our makeup artist and discuss your desired look.
Have you ever noticed even after doing facials and other treatments for skin care there are few redness, blemishes and pale skin witnessed which can’t be covered up, so for that we got solutions, to cover this false we use, HD pigmented foundation and specialized help through proper technique and trained personnel who suggests you the best for your D-Day.

Wedding day the word itself reflects as the most dreamed of special day in your life hence your makeup cannot be just the regular one. Bridal makeup needs focus on different factors, like bronzer is the most suggested option then using blush to give you the charming look. We even contour face according to the face structure and highlight your features such as nose, cheekbones, and arch of eyebrows etc, which makes your close look photo just perfect. If you wish to appear subtle, look for a Salon service with best products and HD makeup also choose light shades such as bronze gold and pearl color for warm skin tone and for cool touch pink, lilac and plum etc will make the skin look even and glowing which will work the best.


Now days the bridal makeup trend show that for eye makeup brides don’t like to stick to customary pinks rather most prefer the contemporary shades such as smoky eyes, blue, purple, moss green or turquoise eyeshades and eyeliners. While if you still love to get the classic pink or gold on your eyes then one should try these shades with gel liner and waterproof mascara. Waterproof makeup is a must which we provide you the best.


For Indian Skin complexion and a bit smaller lips shiny color or metallic color as in brown, pink, red, dark chocolate, mahogany etc are best choices, lips which are thick, would do better with bright matt shades such as orange, red, magenta, mauve and pink. Dark or dusky skin texture require to chose the shades bit carefully and if one don’t want anything out of the way or too much muddled then you can bond with traditional brown, maroon colors with beige for a superfluous look, also to flash a stunning smile chose red shade that make your teeth look bright white. While colors should be purely selected as per the bridal outfit knowing the brides dress style and color combination at each event.

Closing note:

Occasions that turn into most treasured memory of life can be consulted and coordinated to make them perfectly colorful by just not making the looks glittery but by proper mix n match of Matt and glossy shades. An outdoor daytime wedding needs more neutral and light shades to make the bride look innate, while a indoor night wedding needs less of highlight and more staged look.

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