It is hyaluronic acid fillers that are used to correct wrinkles and volume deficits in the aging face. They can also be used to increase the volume of the lips for a fuller, more youthful appearance to the mouth.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in your skin. As you age, you lose hyaluronic acid, which leads to a loss of the skin’s structure. The result is the formation of wrinkles and loss of volume in other parts. Fillers are engineered to mimic our natural substances and will replace lost volume and smooth wrinkles.


How does it work?

Fillers work by filling the wrinkles. If we need to increase the volume in the face. It is specifically engineered to lift the subcutaneous tissues to give a more youthful curve to the face.

During the T/t

Once you have discussed the areas to be treated with our physician, we will clean the area to be treated. The doctor will then inject the Fillers  into the appropriate areas with very small needles. We may hold pressure on the injection sites to reduce the chance of bruising. You will notice immediate correction in the areas of volume loss. Over the next few minutes, the area will swell and it may look larger than you want. This will resolve in a week or less. You may also notice some mild differences in the skin texture due to the needle insertion sites, as well as some bruising at the injection site. These, too, will rapidly disappear. Fillers will also draw water into the treated area causing a smoother and overall better appearance with time.

Post Care

  • After your Filler injections, you will need to cool the area with ice for a few hours. This will keep the bruising and swelling to a minimum.
  • You should avoid exposing the treated area to sunlight and use sunscreen very liberally.
  • Cold wind and hot water should also be avoided as they will make the inflammation and redness worse. These should resolve in a week or less.
  • If you have a lot of bruising, we can help you with a camouflage makeup. The minor bumps or irregularities in the surface will slowly smooth out over the first week or two.

Results will last?

Fillers will last up to one year under optimal conditions, may last up to two years. To maintain the best appearance, it is recommended to touch up the areas as you notice a reduction in the amount of correction. When you reinject filler before it is all gone, you maintain the nice appearance of the face and generally will not need as much filler as the first time.

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