Hair Transplant

On examining your case and knowing the need of a transplant, our trained Dermatologist carefully extract the hair follicles from the benefactor areas of your scalp and other body areas to have them implanted in the bare/bald area enabling it to normally develop for a deep-rooted outcome and you get a lifelong result in just a single day procedure.

Photobiotherapy for Hair

Without any external input we try to reinstate your existing weak hairs follicles simply by using the most advanced Laser light therapy that infiltrates into your cells and stimulate your blood flow that prompts protein synthesis and help recovery of your hair cells.

Derma Roller

While you are concerned about your hair thinning issue, we help you with a unique method of your body's healing technique, our roller help you trigger the injury healing response through the human growth hormones that reach the affected area and promote natural hair growth in you.

PRP Therapy For Hair

To take care of your severe hair fall issues at thinning or balding area, this is a perfect treatment to regrow your hair in the most natural way, we just extract few ml of your blood and centrifuge it in a machine separating the rich plasma from the blood cells and inject the plasma in your affected area, thus helping you get natural hair growth in most safest way.


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Too Much Hairfall.

Well, hair loss, is a common concern witnessed by most individuals.

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Since past 15 years DESIRE has been in the beauty & wellness industry and with 100% success stories we are here to serve the best to our customers. Our core mantra is to be Affordable, Result orientated & Safety to our clients, while setting the highest standards with professional staff and latest hi-tech machines. We are uncomplicated and straightforward in our approach to all the queries of our clients. We disclose all the facts of our services such as price, time line, products to our clients so that they can easily understand and enjoy the benefits of our treatments. We welcome and appreciate each feedback of our clients and combine these experiences to create more innovative and improvised services.

Why Hair Transplant only at Desire?

At DESIRE we ensure that each transplant is conducted by our specialist Doctors only. Our dermatologists are one of the most experienced and promising doctors to fulfill each individual’s requirement as per his/her individual need and aspect, and our mission is to transform their desire in to reality.


Our hand pick specialist
  • Dr Ganesh Avhad

    DNB, Fellowship in Dermatological Laser Surgery Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Paediatric Dermatologist, Trichologist, Dermatosurgeon

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  • Dr Priyanka Avhad

    MBBS DNB(DERM), IADVL Fellow in Laser, Consultant Dermatologist Cosmetologist n Dermatosurgeon, Dermatology & Venereology, Member of Indian Association of Dermatologists.

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  • Dr Monali sharad Desai.

    B. H. M. S doctor. (HOMEOPATH). Cosmetologist. (D. S. A from Tulip International.) Expert in skin and hair care.

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What our customers think about You
  • I have recently undergone surgery from them. I am really very happy with the results and the treatment given. Initial counseling session was good which cleared all my doubts regarding the procedure. Doctors and staff were good and cooperative. Overall had a great experience.

      • Arjun Bodewar
      • Andheri, Mumbai
  • Had a great experience. They are very professional, skill full and follow thru from the initial consultation to post procedure very meticulously. They do many procedures and the perfected the process. Best customer service I saw in medical profession. I highly recommend.

      • Bandikatla Karthik
      • Juhu, Mumbai
  • The customer service was by far great. I liked that they were extremely knowledgeable about the products and assist me with all the help I needed .

      • Orpita Sen
      • Mumbai, Ville parle