Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

One of the most highly trusted method for skin rejuvenation in a natural way. Since in this method your own blood is used and through a certain procedure the rich plasma is separated and used to treat the skin that improves your skin tone and the complete outer appearance.

As you all know our whole blood is made up of four components i.e. red blood cells, white blood cells, the platelets and plasma, since plasma is the liquid component of our that contain many proteins and rich nutrients. In PRP candidates own blood is extracted and centrifuged in a special machine that separates the blood cells from your plasma and platelets, this liquid is injected back into your skin that enhances new cell growth
and help stimulate collagen levels, ultimately developing your skin complexion for a better youthful and glowing skin.

Who can do it?

  • Anyone who notices under eye dark circles, puffiness.
  • Anyone who wants to do away with the crow feet near eyes
  • Also to do away with fine lines, sagginess near eyes, cheek, neck and mouth
  • To get a bright, glowing, firm and healthy skin tone


Post Care

Since PRP use the beneficial part of patients own blood platelets, hence there is nil risk of any allergic reaction or refusal by the body, yet some people experience very mild swelling, heat or redness in the treated area, but that are common signs due to the additional quantity of fluid that need to be managed by the body but all of it settles in a while.

How soon are the results noticeable?

In PRP one require 3 sessions at an interval of 4 to 6 weeks. While one can notice the glow in an early stage yet the new cell generation and collagen production may take up to 3 months also results are subject to each individual also in some cases results may differ due to any illness, smoking and drinking habits yet difference is noticeable with a sequence of few treatments and the results last for couple of year.

Is there a restriction or reason for me to not take PRP treatment?

  • If you are striving to conceive or already pregnant and if breast feeding

Treatment not recommended for also people;

  • Patients on anticoagulant treatment
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Anyone who have suffered any type of cancer
  • If Patients who have implants in the treatment area

The complete medical history will be evaluated by our doctor and accordingly proceed for the treatment.

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