The Curative Powers of Desire 2018

The Curative Powers of Desire 2018

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Arup Roy

14th February 2018

14th February 2018 Skin Care
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zWith the eggnog, cider and plum cake ready and the smell of hot chocolate filled in the air we know Christmas is coming. As the holiday bug bites us, we all want to party and look fabulous while doing so. These treatments for Christmas will help you glow like a fairy on Christmas Day!

Desire Soothing Cleansing Gel

The Desire Soothing Cleansing Gel is a soap-free gel with gentle foaming agents for everyday use which deeply cleanses, moisturizes, softens and smoothens the skin and leaves the skin completely cleaned and purified with a pleasant feeling of freshness. This product is for everyday use and is one of the best treatments for Christmas. The Vitamin B3 and Niacin amide help in lightening the skin tone and in sebum regulation. Zinc lactate also helps in reducing excess sebum production.

Desire Flawless Day Cream

The Desire Flawless Day Cream penetrates deep into the skin and protects it from the first signs of skin aging like fine lines, open pores and age spots. Armoured with SPF 25, it shields the skin from harsh sun rays that cause skin darkening and aging. It contains Bistort herb and Grape seed extract, that fights the first signs of skin aging.

Desire Brightening Serum

Desire Brightening Intense Clarify HD Serum contains a potent lightening complex known to even the skin tone. Waltheria Indica extracts inhibit melanin formation. Ferulic acid is an anti-oxidant that shows synergistic activity on melanin production. It is a lightweight serum with potent active lightening complex that evens skin tone and reduces pigmentation, revealing brighter skin. It helps to lighten hyper pigmented areas,
freckles and age spots too.

Desire Overnight Regenerating Nourisher

This product draws inspiration from two of the most beautiful flowers found in nature – Purple Orchid and Japanese Cherry. These flowers are known for their youth renewing benefits on skin. The Kaya Overnight Regenerating Nourisher gives you skin that is flawless, fairer and visibly younger. It is a luxurious night cream that makes skin smooth, flawless, firm and radiant, if used regularly. And is the best beauty tip for this Christmas Eve Party.

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