How To Prepare The Skin For Makeup?

How To Prepare The Skin For Makeup?

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14th February 2018

14th February 2018
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Beautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight. It takes constant care to have that perfect blemish free skin. Good thing is that there is makeup that can cover up those imperfections. But sad to say that although makeup can make you look flawless, it does takes toll to your skin. That is why you still need to take care of your skin before applying makeup and after applying makeup. This is to prevent blockage to your pores and not irritate it further.

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Wash your face with a gentle soap that is for your skin type and pat it dry.
Apply toner and moisturizer to your face and neck. Remember to do it gently on to your skin.
To make your face glow use water mist like Avian mist spray. This will help the moisturizers effect last longer and will aid in giving your face glow.
Now it’s time to apply your make up but before doing here are some useful tips on how to properly apply your makeup:

So here are some simple step by step guides on how to prep your face up before applying makeup:

The Desire Flawless Day Cream penetrates deep into the skin and protects it from the first signs of skin aging like fine lines, open pores and age spots. Armoured with SPF 25, it shields the skin from harsh sun rays that cause skin darkening and aging. It contains Bistort herb and Grape seed extract, that fights the first signs of skin aging.


When choosing a concealer, make sure it is 2 tones lighter than your natural skin color
Do not rub the concealer to your skin. Instead just apply a light dab on it using your ring finger.
When applying foundation, it should be almost the same color or just a bit lighter color than your natural skin tone
Choose whether you want to use the liquid type for more control or the cream or powdery type of foundation.


Powder is a great way to set your makeup and making it last longer
Apply more powder to the shiniest part of your face also known as the t-zone (forehead to the tip of your nose).


If you want to achieve a sun kissed look, then using bronzer is a great way to add to your makeup.
Apply it like when you do contouring, creating a more defined look.
Just dust it a bit and never overdo it.