5 Hair Care Habits You Need To Practice This 2018

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16th February 2018

16th February 2018
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5 Hair Care Habits You Need To Practice This 2018


It’s 2018 and it’s time to stop neglecting your hair. Give it love and care like you would the rest of your body. So I’m here to help you out with hair care tips. These are just a few that you can do. But I promise, forming these 5 hair care habits this 2018 will make your hair feel loved!

1. Choose the Right Hair Care Products for You

As with body and skin care, hair products should be given thought. Are you using the right one for your hair type or hair concern? This is especially important when you’re living with other people and you’re sharing hair care products even if you don’t have the same hair type. Maybe one is curly and the other has frizzy hair. Maybe one needs moisture, while the other needs something to help with an oily scalp.

So pick a shampoo, conditioner, and/or a hair treatment that are particularly made for YOUR hair concern. This also means that you might need to change your hair care products every now and then. For the colder months, I like to switch to a moisturizing one, to help deal with dryness. Right now, I’m using Schwarzkopf GLISS Ultra Moisture Shampoo and the Schwarzkopf GLISS Ultra Moisture Conditioner. And then once a week, I started using the Schwarzkopf GLISS Ultra Moisture Anti-Breakage Treatment for dry, stressed hair! In the summer, I use the Schwarzkopf GLISS Ultimate Repair line to help with sun damage. Both have keratin to help rebuild the hair inside and out.

As we age, hair loses Keratin. The GLISS hair care products have hair-identical Keratin that replaces the lost Keratin to help the hair regain its strength, which in turn creates smoother hair. Their patented technology can repair up to 10 layers deep! Are you curious and want to try their hair care line too?

Right now, there’s a special offer at CVS, where I get my hair products at! From Sunday 2/11 to Saturday 2/17, when you spend $20 on Henkel brands that include GLISS, you’ll get $7 in ExtraBucks. Even better, GLISS will be on sale for 2/$10 on top of the event. Best scenario, if you use $4 off 2 FSI coupons, then it’s like 2/$6!

2. Comb or Brush Your Hair Before Your Shower

Now my next step might sound weird. Or perhaps you’re already doing this too. But I highly recommend this especially if you have long hair. Make sure to comb or brush your hair before you shower to remove knots or tangles. If not, they are more vulnerable to breakage. Just try it and you’ll see less hair falling in the drain.

3. Go Natural

If you can avoid the hair dryer, avoid it when you can. If you can skip the styling tools, do it! Excessive use of heat styling tools, no matter if they are infused with oils or are coated, can still contribute to stressed and damaged locks. I’m not saying to stay away from them. I do like my curls every now and then. Or if I’m taking pictures, I’d straighten my hair. But for day-to-day, air dry your hair. Want natural curls? Maybe braid your hair overnight. These are little things that can help maintain healthy hair. And if you do want to use heat styling tools, don’t forget the heat protective sprays.

4. Switch to Silk Pillow Cases

Not only do they feel so good, they’re also really great for your hair and your skin! For one, silk fabrics reduce static build-up in your hair. They also help keep your hair look fresher. So if you curled your hair and want to prolong your curls until the next day, it will help maintain its look. Oh, and did I mention they’re less abrasive than other fabrics, making it better for both hair and skin? Say no to wrinkles!

5. Avoid the Hot Shower

My weakness is a hot and steamy shower! But alas, it’s no good for the hair or the skin. It will strip your hair and skin their natural oils that can result to dryness. So keep your water temperature lukewarm. I gotta say, it’s no fun during winter. But we gotta do what we gotta do!

There are other hair care tips that you can follow like maybe taking hair vitamins, or avoiding hair accessories that are damaging. But try these 5 and make them a habit so you can see your hair grow healthy again this 2018. If you have other tips you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments below. I’d love to know what you do to help keep your locks healthy and shiny!